Stage "Câlins" Thérapeutique dans l'Yonne ou Paris - Cuddling training session in Paris ou Yonne (89)

02/12/2016 11:59

Vous vous sentez  déprimé ? seul? souhaiteriez vous parlé et être "écouté"? souffrez vous du stress, anxiété, problemes de sommeil ? si vous répondez "oui" à ces questions, alors vous n'êtes plus seul. Nombreux sont ceux qui sont comme vous.

Beaucoup de personnes en Europe et Occident souffrent de dépression dû à notre style de vie, notre mentalité, notre manque de temps. Nous oublions d'avoir des échanges humains pour booster notre morale. Des échanges platoniques humains produisent de l'oxytocine, c'est pourquoi le manque de "toucher "est un facteur énorme de dépression.

Alors réduisez votre stress, anxiété, votre douleur grace aux séances de "calin" thérapeutique - stage du samedi 09h au dimanche 16h - Paris ou Yonne (89) - 300 euros

Cuddling training session from saturday 9am to sunday 4pm - In Paris or Yonne (89) 300 euros

Do you find yourself depressed at times? Do you ever feel lonely and wish that you could just talk to someone that would genuinely listen? Do you find yourself suffering from stress, anxiety, or sleep loss? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not alone. Many people lack the companionship they want or need in their everyday life.

It has been found that people, especially in the United States, have higher rates of depression and aggression compared to most other countries. This could be due to our fast-paced lifestyles, or our mentality of constantly telling ourselves that we just don’t have time. We seem to forget that in order to boost our own morale we need to make time for human interaction. Studies have shown that the lack of human touch is an enormous factor towards causing depression. Platonic human touch releases oxytocin (chemical in our brains), which is why touch therapy and professional cuddling services have been so successful. Oxytocin has a major role in lowering blood pressure, lowering stress levels, reducing social anxiety, helping to relieve pain, and protecting against inflammation, which is said to make us age faster! Snuggling is an extremely important part of life that is considerably undervalued. It helps us grow mentally and physically because of the chemical changes it causes in the body.